District 8 Website’s new look!

Fellow Toastmasters, check out the new look of D8 Website both on your computer and mobile portal with a landmark image of Saint Louis Arch.

There are some new sections added like “Upcoming events, Club Growth incentives, Education and training incentives, Speakers Bureau, Youth Leadership Program”.

Also check out “D8 Youtube” channel for videos of District speech  contests,  D8 facebook page, D8 Blog and Linked in page.

Explore the website to find out information about club members, contests and judging and membership building.

This website has been possible due to hard work of Tom Coscia and Frank Yates. Dale Lancaster helped in transitioning the previous website to the new one.

Our thanks to Tom Coscia for keeping it together on web, while the new site was under construction and for making it happen.

Our thanks to Frank Yates for working on behind the scene details and software coding to be able to launch it in a short span of time for entire District.



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2 Responses to District 8 Website’s new look!

  1. Rebecca Now says:

    Frank and Tom do an amazing job. I love this website and find it so easy to find the tools I need.

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  2. C Far says:

    That was the intent of D8 website, i.e. to make it user-friendly. Glad to know that it is serving the purpose!


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